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A Place Worthwhile

Illustration of Mr. Cole

Even in the hustle and bustle of a busy evening, Cole's is a place to relax and lose yourself in the moment. Our regulars, or as we call them "the Professionals," hold court on a daily basis welcoming newcomers and seasoned veterans to the party. The sense of community truly defines hospitality like no other. Cole's is the place where you are always part of the party. Even when you are by yourself, you are never alone.

Public House in Los Angeles

In 1908, Cole's, inventor of the French Dip sandwich and the oldest public house in Los Angeles was established by entrepreneur Harry Cole and housed in the hollow of the historic Pacific Electric Building, the once center of transit tycoon Henry Huntington's railway network. At its peak, 100,000 passengers passed through the city's vital transportation hub daily and many of them stopping to partake in Cole's delicious French dips and a pint in the Red Car Bar. In 2008, Pouring With Heart reopened Cole's after a careful and loving $1.6 million year-long restoration. In 2009, Cole's was awarded with an outstanding achievement in the field of historic preservation by the Los Angeles Conservancy's coveted Preservation Award.


Originators of the French Dip

We offer a simple menu of our classic french dips featuring savory slow roasted beef, braised pork, braised lamb, and pastrami accompanied by made from scratch ingredients including the au jus, atomic mustard, and even the atomic pickles.

Small bites include classics like our fries (traditional or spicy garlic!), and you can now even order our food online for pickup—deliver coming soon!

The Red Car Bar

The bar displays a thoughtful collection of premium spirits, drafts, and classic cocktails that compliment our French Dip. We like our drinks up with a twist or brown and down. Our focus is paying respect to the forgotten classics and obscurities, resurrecting pieces of liquid history.



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118 E 6th St, Los Angeles, CA 90014


Monday – Friday, 4pm – 2am

Saturday – Sunday, 12pm – 2am

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**Cole's is a 21+ establishment.

Entrance with a valid ID only**

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