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Do you allow guests under the age of 21 into the venue?

At this time, Cole's French Dip is a 21+ establishment.

Who invented the French Dip Sandwich?

We did! While many claim to have invented this most famous Los Angeles sandwich, Cole's is the Originator. We're happy so many other places around the world and even down the street are serving it. Read more about our history here.

Do you have parking?

Cole's does not have dedicated parking, but we recommend parking in nearby structures and parking lots or taking a rideshare option to visit us. 

Do you have a speakeasy in the back?

We don't know what you're talking about... but our friends at The Varnish might.

Is the space available for filming?

If you're interested in booking our historic bar for filming, please visit our Venue Page for details.

Did Charles Bukowski really piss here?

Plaque displaying the words "Charles Bukowski pissed here"

Yes, yes he did. (And don't worry, this sign is in the restroom.)

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